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Native Plants

Logo of "Umpqua Native Plant Partnership" with a stylized green leaf design.

Douglas SWCD is excited to partner with the Umpqua Native Plant Partnership (UNPP) and Elder Oaks Nursery to make locally sourced genetic native plant materials available to Umpqua Valley!

UNPP is a non-profit organization beneath The Understory Initative that is engaging local landowners to help produce native trees, shrubs, forbs, & grasses for both restoration projects throughout the county, but also for sale to the general public. Learn more about UNPP on their website here!


One such local producer of native plants is Elder Oaks Nursery, located just outside Green, OR. Elder Oaks is owned and operated by a father-son duo who are born and raised in Douglas County.

Logo with acorn, leaves, and tree illustration for "Elder Oaks Native Plant Nursery."

They have seed native to the Umpqua available year round through their Etsy store found here or you can visit one of the three locations to pick up seed packets in person:

Elder Oaks will also be selling seed April 27-28th at the Glide Wildflower Show!

Plugs and pots available every spring & fall. Please contact for their inventory, to place an order, or to contract a grow-out.