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Invasive Plant Management

Logo of the Oregon Invasive Species Online Hotline.

Have you seen a suspicious plant in your backyard or neighborhood? Do you need help identifying it or want advice on how to management it? Report your find to the Oregon Invasive Hotline and recieve a quick reply from a local invasive species manager!



Logo for "Douglas County Noxious Weed Advisory Board" with an illustration of a weed.

Did you know that Douglas County has a Noxious Weed Advisory Board comprised of passionate volunteers aiming to help the community learn about and prevent the spread of noxious weeds? Check out their website to learn more!




French broom, genista monspessulana - large bushy legume with yellow flowers.

Douglas County also has a county-wide Cooperative Weeds Management Area (CWMA) which is a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, tribes, individuals, and various interested groups that manage noxious weeds collaboratively. We all know weeds don't stop at your neighbor's property line, so to combat their spread and prevent further infestations - organizations from all the county are pooling their resources to treat entire populations effectively. The DC-CWMA meets at least once a year if not more. Interested in updates? Contact Maggie Begoun to join their DC-CWMA e-mail list to get the latest news.