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English Hawthorn Workshop Tour - Mildred Kanipe Park

The English Hawthorn Control Field Tour is for Douglas County landowners dealing with the troublesome, invasive species. The tour is sponsored by the Douglas County Noxious Weed Advisory Board, OSU Extension Service, and Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District. The tour will show the problems with English Hawthorn and successful control efforts. Speakers will include experienced landowners, staff from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, OSU Extension Service, Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District, and a private forester.

Transportation will be provided from the County Park to nearby tour locations and then return. Please bring your lunch so we can have a discussion at lunchtime.

English hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) was thought to have been introduced into the area around the county park, Oakland and Sutherlin possibly as early as 1900, perhaps as a fence row species. Today English hawthorn is a serious problem for land managers in the area. The tree forms dense, almost impenetrable thickets with serious thorns. Control and removal can be difficult and expensive. English hawthorn has very attractive flowers that develop into numerous red berries. Birds appear to really like the berries, probably explaining why the problem is slowly expanding over much more of Douglas County.


Attendance is limited so please register early. The program is free, but a $5 donation to help defray costs is suggested. For more information call Steve Wickham at 541-733-6930. PLEASE REGISTER HERE:

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